Cornichon is only available for Scala 2.12.

It is recommended to use Cornichon with cornichon-test-framework via SBT or Mill.

// SBT
libraryDependencies += "com.github.agourlay" %% "cornichon-test-framework" % "0.17.1" % Test
testFrameworks += new TestFramework("com.github.agourlay.cornichon.framework.CornichonFramework")
// Mill
object test extends Tests{
  def ivyDeps = Agg(ivy"com.github.agourlay::cornichon-test-framework:0.17.1")
  def testFrameworks = Seq("com.github.agourlay.cornichon.framework.CornichonFramework")

The alternative way is to use the ScalaTest flavor if you need to:

  • use other build tools (Maven with ScalaTest Maven plugin)
  • run the Feature from your IDE
  • package features in an executable jars
  • have HTML reports
// SBT
libraryDependencies += "com.github.agourlay" %% "cornichon-scalatest" % "0.17.1" % Test

note: cornichon-test-framework will eventually support those additional use cases and cornichon-scalatest will be discontinued.