A Cornichon test is the definition of a so-called feature.

Concretely it is a class extending CornichonFeature and implementing the required feature function.

In the case of SBT, those classes live inside src/test/scala and can be run them using sbt test.

A feature can have several scenarios which in turn can have several steps.

The example below contains one feature with one scenario with two steps.

import com.github.agourlay.cornichon.CornichonFeature

class CornichonExamplesSpec extends CornichonFeature {

  def feature = Feature("Checking google"){

    Scenario("Google is up and running"){

      When I get("")

      Then assert

The failure modes are the following:

  • A feature fails if one or more scenarios fail.

  • A scenario fails if at least one step fails.

  • A scenario will stop at the first failed step encountered and ignore the remaining steps.